About Ivo

Name: drs Ivo van der Vegt MIM
Born: 18 March 1966 in Enschede, The Netherlands
Studied After 6 years high school, studied 6 years in Tilburg, The Netherlands:

Business Economics (University of Tilburg). Graduated in 1992 with a major in Organisation.
Master degree "Master of Information Management" (MIM).
Work Started to work 3 months after graduating:

1993: 1 year as project executive for small Marketing company
1994: 6 years for local government of Tilburg, ended as 'Senior IT Developer'
2002: Phuket.com: IT manager (resigned after 1 month)
2003: Started company in Thailand, Deliver-IT.nl
2004: Started with wife Wellta House in Phuket.com
Computer skills Since 1994 average 8 hours a day on the Internet. Plus:

Linux and Unix (AIX en BSD)
CGI, Perl, PHP, Shell scripting
Installing and maintaining all kinds of servers, http- mail and news servers.
Considerable knowledge of Database structures and database developing on Oracle, Access, Dbase and mysql.
Wasted a lot of time on Dos, Windows 9x and Windows NT.
Marital status: 16 Aug 2004: Married to Waeowta Vachakama
Address: office
mobile : 086 28 27 718
Personal Sold his house and moved to Phuket, Thailand in 2001. Lives with his wife in Phuket, loves to drink wine, travelling and his computer (Linux).
E-mail ivo@houseinphuket.com
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