Long term rentals
Houses for sale

"If I rent a house from you, how much do I have to pay you?"

All our viewings and rental services are free.

"Wellta: are all your houses available?"

We check and update all our houses on our website on availability and price
with every landlord or landlady at least:

Long term rental: check every 35 days.
House for sale: check every 80 days.

"So.. the house I like is still available!?"

No guarantee. Maybe the landlord sold or rented it out the day after we called him.
Mail or call me (Wellta 081 968 0309) to be 100% sure.

If the house is available we can setup a viewing together with you:
I have new houses in my hand almost every day.

"Ok, but where is your office?"

Our office and map