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My business partner is meeting you this morning after my recommendation about your website and professional services (which is highly unusual in Phuket)!

House in Phuket is a company in Phuket that we recommend and that is very reliable. Whoever has the largest selection in all areas in Phuket is undoubtedly Wellta and her House in Phuket. Here you will find all types of houses for rent.

Thanks again you are the best

In any case, we wish to thank you for all your work and help in making this sale a success.

Who out there (except Wellta) offers a rental operation put online with anything close to the 'real' prices that you find on the ground, or instead of real prices spend the same price to get much better bang for buck. I cant think of any offhand.

If you are in the market for renting an affordable home in one of the residential areas of Phuket then I would suggest the first website which you should look at is the House in Phuket Dot Com website as I am certain that you will find a suitable house on Wellta's Phuket real estate website.

About her website

we were impressed with your website would like the opportunity to look at some of your properties.

First of all, your web-site is superb! i like those floor plan, it wins thousand words...

I have to compliment you - YOUR WEBSITE IS FANTASTIC!!

It seems like your website is the no.1 website in phucket

First, let me complement you on your website. Your listings are by far the best online site I have seen. Lots of photos, including a floor plan, and views from the road and exterior. Makes it much easier for someone like me far away to get a true sense of each property. I also appreciate your honest comments.

Your web-site is one of the best in Asia and for sure the best in Phuket - so - stay this way and I will recommend you to all my freinds in Scandinaivia.

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