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About Wellta

I hope we can remain as friends and I will definitely refer to everyone who is looking for a house in Phuket.

Thank you very much to you and your husband for all your help in the past couple of months - both myself and my neighbour have been very impressed with your professionalism.

My friend is living in Phuket and he reccomended you as nice realtor and just a good person.

My business partner is meeting you this morning after my recommendation about your website and professional services (which is highly unusual in Phuket)!

He has recommended you as a very professional and responsible person who can help with rent

Thank you for your service Wellta, I appreciate it, very professional and very swift.

About her website

Like other correspondents to you I am very impressed with your website, it is excellent and very easy to use - Congratulations.

Welta I just wanted to congratulate you on running an excellent site for rentals. Because of the number of photos you include on each house/Apartment you really feel you know the place without almost having to look at it. WELL DONE.

Your website is very wonderful, I have spent many hours (as my stress relief also!) to plan my holiday in your site, to see what is available and prices. I think one of best real estate websites I have seen. Also love your "comments", and your photos of the houses covers all the questions I would have. Job well done!

I like your website very much since it is very nicely organized and professional. Very helpful thanks.

Very impressive presentation of my house on your web site . Best I have seen in my 5 years as an investment property owner ..

I have just visited your website. You have so many available, and update daily, very nice!

What happened the last 7 days at House in Phuket?