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just writing to say a big thank you for selling our house for us and for all your time and effort. You were very supportive at the land office and couldn't have managed without you. You also happen to be a very lovely person and we are so happy to have known you and Ivo. Thank you Welta, our very best wishes,

Your wonderful!!!

Hi Kevin, please call Welta, at she may be able to find you a house in the Chalong area. She and her staff are very professional, and provide very personal service.

we are very grateful for your help. You are an excellent agent who gave us an excellent, friendly and profesional service. And you have a really well made web page

I must say it is great doing business with you, I have rented a few houses over the years here in Phuket, moving up in quality all the time and dealing with your company is a refreshing change to the normal obstacles that can be in place.

I really like to do business with you because you are very professional and very very helpful.

About her website

I wanted to tell you that your website is unusually well-made, easy to navigate and read, and very informative. Congratulations on your website.

It seems like your website is the no.1 website in phucket

I must comment that of all the real estate companies I have seen , I am really impressed with the way you set out your website and the information you provide to your customers.

First of all, your web-site is superb! i like those floor plan, it wins thousand words...

First can I say how good I think your website is!

First, let me complement you on your website. Your listings are by far the best online site I have seen. Lots of photos, including a floor plan, and views from the road and exterior. Makes it much easier for someone like me far away to get a true sense of each property. I also appreciate your honest comments.

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