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My friend is living in Phuket and he reccomended you as nice realtor and just a good person.

I read on the couple of sites that you are an excellent specialist on the property market.

I wish to thank you for your time, expertise and professional manner in showing homes for rent to us last friday. I sold real estate in America for 6 years and your website is as good as any I have seen anywhere! Thanks again for your wonderful service.

But if you had not have this wonderfull easy and accesible site and you where not so flexible and wonderfull we would never have found this place. We have been so lucky with you and we recommend you to anyone.

just writing to say a big thank you for selling our house for us and for all your time and effort. You were very supportive at the land office and couldn't have managed without you. You also happen to be a very lovely person and we are so happy to have known you and Ivo. Thank you Welta, our very best wishes,

I really like to do business with you because you are very professional and very very helpful.

About her website

I wanted to tell you that your website is unusually well-made, easy to navigate and read, and very informative. Congratulations on your website.

I just saw your website, and it is best and most impressive website I have seen for the property business in Phuket which is why I am writing to you.

great internet pages! Finally I found pages that are very clear and all the targets with every detail and lot of pictures. Thank you for that.

I like your website very much since it is very nicely organized and professional. Very helpful thanks.

Your website is very wonderful, I have spent many hours (as my stress relief also!) to plan my holiday in your site, to see what is available and prices. I think one of best real estate websites I have seen. Also love your "comments", and your photos of the houses covers all the questions I would have. Job well done!

Like other correspondents to you I am very impressed with your website, it is excellent and very easy to use - Congratulations.

What happened the last 7 days at House in Phuket?