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Chalong a417
  • Detached. 2 storeys.
  • Completed: 2007.
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Aircons: 3
  • Pets: Talk with owner first.
  • Land: 204 m².
1 year contract: 15.000 THB p/m
6 months contract: not available.


(about these layouts)

Bedrooms: 3

Master bedroom: aircon, balcony. Access to shared bathroom.

Bedroom 2: king-size bed, aircon.

Bedroom 3: wardrobe.

Please contact Wellta:

0819 680 309

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Villa park established in 2006. 60 town houses and 15 detached houses. 250 Meters from the ocean.


Modified kitchen. Fridge is in the living.

Bathrooms: 2

1 hot shower.


800 meters North of Chalong Circle.

Living nearby Chalong Center. Everything you may need within 1 kilometer. Try to go for a 3 year lease with a discounted price.


Living: aircon.



Washing area at the back.

Small waterfall.

Covered car park.

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2 months deposit.
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