Electricity bill in Phuket

Every month a Thai man from the Electric Company comes to your house, reads the meter outside the house and leaves the bill in a plastic container next to the meter at your house.


The date the man came to your house to read the meter. Here: the man came to the house on:

26/8/53 = 26 Aug 2553 = 26 Aug 2010

(2553 is 2010 = 543 year difference between Thai and Gregorian Calender).


The time the man came to the house.


The meter value read by the man when he came to the house.


The meter value from last month.


Money you have to pay.


Days to pay. You have 10 days to pay your bill.
Here: You can pay your bill starting 27 Aug until 5 Sep (10 days).

Stores where you can pay your bill:

7/11, Family Mart, Tesco Lotus.

Pay the bill within 10 days!

If you don't pay your electric bill on time, they will cut your electric.

Check if you did get your bill! Some houses do not have a mailbox and will put the paper anywhere in front of the house. Check it!

Talk with your neighbours.. which day the bill normally comes?

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