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Rental conditions

Landlord: the owner of the house.

Tenant: the person who rents the house.

Quick facts:
  • 2 months security deposit
  • pay rent first day of the month
  • tenant pays electric, water and Internet


The rental contract is: minimum 6 months unless otherwise stated.


The tenant has to pay 2 months security deposit in advance.
The deposit will be returned to the tenant after the contract ends. Of course, damage to the house, unpaid bills and other costs raised by the tenant will be deducted from the deposit. The landlord will pay back the deposit at the day of check-out, but only if the property (inside and outside) is undamaged, clean and all bills are paid. If not, the landlord will take necessary actions and will pay the remaining deposit to the tenant after the house is back in the original state and all bills are paid.

If you break the contract (you check out before the end of the agreed rental term) the landlord has the right to keep your security deposit. Reason: for a 1 year contract you get a price based on a long term (1 year) stay. If you only want to stay 4 months (high season for example) the monthly rental price would be much higher. Some people arrive in November, make a 1 year contract (for a 1 year price) but stay only 3 or 4 months and leave the property in March or April (end high season). Of course there will be no refund of deposit.

Monthly rental payments

The tenant pays the rent every first day of the month.
Example: the rent for April should be paid on April 1.
The rent can be paid in cash or by bank(ATM) transfer. If paid in cash ask for a receipt to avoid misunderstanding in the future.


Water should be paid by the tenant unless otherwise stated.
Monthly average water costs are about 200-300 Thai Baht (normal household).
Water bills can be paid at every 7/11 (Seven-Eleven).
Pay before the due date or else you have to go to Town to pay, which is time consuming.


Electricity should be paid by the tenant unless otherwise stated.
For all houses: electric price per unit = government rate. If different, we will inform you.

Monthly electricity costs can differ a lot. Some indications:
Normal household, no aircons: 500-800 THB
Normal household, 1 aircon operating at bedroom at night: 800-1500 THB.
Pay your electricity bill (on time!) also at 7/11.

My electric bill? Help! I cannot read it!


The tenant has to pay his/her Internet package.
Price of course depending on speed: 500-2000 THB.


(dogs/cats etc)
Pets are NOT allowed in most houses.
If the landlord allows pets this symbol will appear:

Hope this helps. All prices given are just an indication.

Long term rentals
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